Goodbye… Hotelito Perdido, Aug.12

After three months it is time to say goodbye to the hotel hidden away on the Rio Dulce. Being in charge of a tiny hotel in the jungle has its challenges. Fancy a cold beer? Let’s see if there’s enough ice in the fridge. Want to charge your AiPhone? No problem… when the sun is out for the solar panel.

Shopping? A local fisherman is going to Rio Dulce tomorrow, I will text him the shopping list. Imagine reading a large shopping list on your display – and I’m not talking smartphones! Usually the delivery was not quite accurate…

Spiders? Yes, plenty, but almost all of them harmless. Try to explain this to someone who’s just spotted a palm sized hairy eight-legged creature for the first time. We tried not to mention all the other fascinating and sometimes over-sized jungly insects and reptiles that appeared every now and again.

It’s been a rich experience in every aspect, unfortunately we had to leave unexpectedly. Get inspired by our remaining photos.



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Some stories of two Europeans in Guatemala and Vietnam: travelling, volunteering, working, learning… with lots of pictures. Enjoy!

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