Guatemala City, Jan 11

After a 20 hour journey half around the world we finally arrived in Guatemala City. We could stay with a friend and he showed us round the city. One of the places he took us to was the main market, a place that doesn’t see many tourists but nonetheless fascinating, colourful and all those odours…!!
You don’t have to read the abundant murder-stories in the newspapers to get an impression of the violence in the capital. Local buses covered with bullet holes, the sound of gunshots at night… Using public transport in Guate? No thanks.
Guatemala really is a heavily armed society. Guards with shotguns everywhere, even in front of ice cream shops!  Local shops are decorated with iron bars you have to point out what you want.
After recovering from jetlag and getting used to the constant noise, shouting, shooting and pollution we decided to travel on to Quetzaltenango (Xela) to find some volunteering work.



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Some stories of two Europeans in Guatemala and Vietnam: travelling, volunteering, working, learning… with lots of pictures. Enjoy!

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