Kite Festival in Sacatepéquez, 1.Nov 11

In Santiago Sacatepéquezon the 1st of November people celebrate the ‘día de los muertos’ by flying giant kites. The colourful masterpieces known as “bariletes gigantes” are taken to the cemetery to honor the departed as locals believe it’s a way in communicating with the death ones. Made of cloth and paper tied to a bamboo frame, the kites feature colourful designs with religious or folkloric themes. Masses of people come to watch the spectacle, to have picnics on the graves of their relatives and to fly their homemade kites. For us it was a truly unique event and hopefully the pictures show some of its magnificence.



One thought on “Kite Festival in Sacatepéquez, 1.Nov 11”

  1. As always, your photographs are fantastic. Glad to see that your table football skills have come in handy since leaving Colman Architects. Carry on smiling – you both look like you’re having a great time. So much more colourful than London! C x

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Some stories of two Europeans in Guatemala and Vietnam: travelling, volunteering, working, learning… with lots of pictures. Enjoy!

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