Livingston, Sept.12

public pilaLivingston, Guatemala. This is where we spent our last few weeks in the country. First we got a room at Vecchia Toscana with Daniela and Ivan for a bit of translation work and got the chance to taste some of Ivan’s fantastic cuisine.

The next stop was Casa Rosada. Staying and eating there had always been something special, and now we got the honour to look after the place for two weeks while the manager was on holiday. During that time Margit also concentrated on her bottle-brick school project and gave a presentation in the community where the school will be built. The 8000 bottles have been stuffed and collected by the kids in Livingston, now they’re waiting for the funds to start building.

We both enjoyed our final time in Livingston and left with a small tear in our eyes.


One thought on “Livingston, Sept.12”

  1. Daniel y Margit,
    Fue muy especial tenerlos en Livingston-Casa Rosad, los extrañamos, cuando se fueron a Nicaragua no los extrañamos porque sabiamos que iban a regresar pero ahora si los extrañamos, siempre seran bienvenidos con todos los estreses de Margit!
    Les deseo mucha buena suerte en sus vidas!!!
    Yo me estoy comiendo un rico Robalo : )

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Some stories of two Europeans in Guatemala and Vietnam: travelling, volunteering, working, learning… with lots of pictures. Enjoy!

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