Las Conchas

Before leaving Ak’Tenamit we had to complete the list of tourist attractions which can be visited in a wee

kend and do not include more than three hours of sweaty, dusty and crammed bus rides. We had heard about Las Conchas as this hidden jewel away from the main routes but definitely worth a visit. Off we went and two mimibus trips (one with 26 people in a bus with 11 seats) and half an hour walk later we arrived in the village ‘Las Conc

has’ where we were found by the friendly caretaker of a lovely hotel by the riverside. A great place: no electricity, a communal kitchen consisting of a fireplace and some pots and pans, warm beer and the whole place to ourselves (scorpions in our room are not mentioned)! Next day Las Conchas: waterfalls, rapids and great swimming ponds. Indeed a fantastic place in the middle of nowhere!




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Some stories of two Europeans in Guatemala and Vietnam: travelling, volunteering, working, learning… with lots of pictures. Enjoy!

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